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A Limited Edition Collection by NWANNIA

NWANNIA BALANCE words_edited.png
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In the continuum of growth that is self expression, the key to finding yourself in the right groove;
where you are both most yourself and your fulfilled potential, is Balance.

In the aftermath of equally exploring both our freedoms and responsibilities in a Break'Weh of epic proportions, we now find ourself in a place where our alignment between our ideals and realities is at it's most congruent.

This has brought us to: "BALANCE", The 8th Living Collection by NWANNIA.



Received my package last week and really excited to wear and support NWANNIA.


She's really responsive, her fashion is incredibly versatile and international shipping was hassle free!

- Kel, New York, USA


Due to a huge request we've released our logo pendant in 10k Gold & Sterling Silver.

Be the first to know when we're back in stock.

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