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Grow Baby Grow!

I wonder if the plant knows that she is growing,

If she is frustrated by her stagnancy.

I wonder if she looks to the left and to the right of her and wishes...

'Maybe if I had more flowers or maybe if my roots were deeper'.

Or is she simply happy to be there?

Happy to have her place in the garden,

Happy to be among other beautiful and diverse plants.

Happy when the sun shines,

Happy when the wind blows,

Happy when rain pours.

Then one day, realizes that she stands two feet taller than she did before.

My friend, I urge you to look back on your growth.

Remember that dry season,

You went days, no, weeks without water?

Your soil, parched

And the sun, that you so adore,

Beamed like a magnifying glass concentrating it's rays upon you.

And that time the wind almost ripped you out of your soil

But your roots kept you grounded?

Remember that time

The rain poured so hard,

Droplets like water balloons

Slamming into your leaves over and over again?

Nwannia Sorzano and Dr. Shelly-Ann Gajadhar wear upcycled fashion. Photo by Anson Stone : Stoneography
Grow Baby Grow! - Photo by Anson Stone

Look at you now,

Standing two feet taller than you did before.

Greener, more lush and stable than before.

Without you even realizing,

Your roots have tunneled deeper,

Your stalk,


Are you happy for the sun, wind and rain?

Placing you now in a position

To produce your most captivating bouquet yet?

I am.

I am proud of your growth

And I'm here to bare witness.

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