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Stand Up, Stand Out

Not many fashion brands are big on consciousness or social responsibility but NWANNIA can stand up and be  counted as one of them. From humble beginnings as a proficient visual artist,  founder and C.E.O. ; Nwannia Sorzano has not forgotten her roots nor her 16 years of invaluable experience  in building her own successful international sustainable Caribbean fashion brand from scratch. 

The CATAPULT award winning designer is passionate about using her fashion platform to affect true and  meaningful change.

Nwannia Sorzano does this by not only challenging Caribbean aesthetics but also by  curating a community of tolerance, healing and social consciousness from her followers through her brand  message and annual "Fireside Chat" programmes. This virtual group therapy programme creates a safe and  engaging space for survivors of sexual abuse to share and be heard with an aim to bring about true healing.  

In summary, NWANNIA stands for social consciousness, environmental responsibility and individual freedom  and expression and has chosen slow fashion as a business model because "we care about people and live on  planet earth".



“Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.”

- Helen Keller


“He’s sort of a Hybrid.” -

Felix Roy, Former Creative Manager at CMB Trinidad

Coming from a family of artists and teachers, Valdir Silva inevitably found passion in combining visuals with story and drama. 

From Graphic art and design, to film and photography direction and editing, to copy and content writing, Valdir's wide creative scope makes him our resident audio and visual communications genius. 

Connect with Valdir here.


Kristin Jaggan is a women's health activist who enjoys working with actors and especially enjoys doing special effects.


She has experience working on various productions including runway, film, and theatre. Detailed oriented, Kristin has attained a BA in Theatre Arts and Carnival Studies while building her very own beauty brand.

Connect with Kristin here.

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