7 Ways to Dig Yourself Out of Depression... And the Sequence in Which To Do It.

To say this year has been a rollercoaster is a bit of an understatement , with my lowest being this past May to July... No, August. Coming out of it now, I've found it probably could be the most depressed I've been since my postpartum and definitely the most I've been since the pandemic hit.

It's funny how you never realise that you are depressed until after you have started coming out of it. In retrospect, there were a series of occurrences that lead to this point (maybe I'll get into it at some point in the future, when I'm a little more removed from the situations) but for now, I'd like to talk about the things & people that are helping me get out of it.

1. Acknowledgement

I acknowledged that I wasn't feeling so great and in so doing, did my best not to compound

this desolate feeling with my own criticism. Although, if I'm to be completely honest, there were times I was mad at myself for being 'lazy'. My work was suffering and still is to some degree. That period seemed the longest and toughest to me. Exercise NOTHING! Prayer, NOTHING! Affirmations what? I honestly haven't even thought of that word until now.